Advertising For Business in south Africa

Our clients get in front of the right people
Why not you?

We specialise in client acquisition using:

  • correct advertising for business
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • contact forms

Why do we suggest Facebook or Google Ads for Advertising for Business?

This method is most Effective for Advertising For Business

- let me explain: you can target (just display ads to) the clients you want to advertise to, right down to a street or suburb, town or country. 

You can also target them based on What They Are Interested In and normally buy.

There are tons of targeting metrics available, that can be used here.

This Is A Much More Effective (and budget friendly) Method of Advertising For Business

So, What do you need to advertise YOUR Business?

A Website & Landing Page - 

Somewhere To Send Your Potential Clients, On The Internet, That Will Supply Them Information About your business

And Very Importantly,

A Place They Can Leave Their Information, So You Can Contact Them And Nurture Them Into Becoming A Paying Client. 

Once you have their information (Name, email, phone number) You Can Also Re Advertise To Them Whenever You Want - Weekly, Monthly, When You Are Launching A New Product Or When You Have A Special

What We will Do For You:

for your advertising We Will Set Up Your Website The Right Way To Provide The Potential Customer With Enough Information And A Way For Them To Leave Their Information, Or Contact You Directly.

We Will Then Set Up A Marketing Strategy, Tailored Around Your Business, To Ensure You Get The Best Results.

Remember Every Business Is Different, Therefore We Will Set Up Each strategy In A Different Way.

We Manage The Flow Of New Leads To Your Business And Ensure You Are Notified Immediately Of Any New potential Clients, Wanting To Talk To You, So You Can Contact Them As Soon As possible.

our software will contact them immediately

Our Software Will Contact Them Immediately To Let Them Know That You Are Aware Of Their Request And That You Will Contact Them As Soon As You Can.

This Makes The Potential Customer Feel Special And Also Makes Them Look Forward To Your Call, Since Their Contact With You Has Been Nothing But Superb Since The Get Go.

This Method Gives You A 60 - 80% Better Chance Of Closing The Deal

We Have A Pro Active Approach To Marketing, Tailored To
The Specific Needs Of Each Client, Focusing On Their Most Effective Method of Bringing In The Right Customers.

We Handle Everything, So You Can Focus On Running Your Business

The entire advertising market in South Africa in 2019 is estimated to be worth 30.4 billion South African rand (approximately 2.05 billion U.S. dollars), and TV and video advertising spending is projected to account for the largest share of that amount, around 21 percent. The internet is said to be the second largest medium in the country. However, looking at 2018-2023 compound growth rates, TV’s 1.8 percent CAGR in the period will be exceeded by internet’s 12.4 percent CAGR, which means that by the end of 2023 internet advertising will be higher than TV advertising for the first time. -