Digital Marketing in South Africa? What does it entail?

Let me explain...

So, you have a Beautiful Website... 
But you are NOT getting more business???

Digital Marketing

Just having a beautiful website,
without sending potential customers to see your website,
is like having a beautifully printed business brochure, inside the drawer of your desk...

Nobody will see, so it will not create any business for you.

Dinesa Marketing has developed a Blueprint, specific for digital marketing in South Africa.

We ensure OUR clients, get the Most Leads possible, for the Lowest Possible Cost, at a 99.9% Success Rate.

YES, we Can Guarantee your results!

YES, We send CUSTOMERS to your business!

Our Custom Designed Blueprint for Digital Marketing in South Africa

Digital Marketing South Africa


It is absolutely vital to ensure you talk to THE RIGHT POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS exactly where they are...

EVERYBODY is on Google

Where do you search for new products, services or info YOURSELF?


  • Does Google know about your business?
  • Is Google showing your business to YOUR potential customers?
  • Does Google know how important your business is?
  • Have you told Google which customers you want?

And what about Facebook?

  • Proven (over and over) to deliver better results than any other advertising medium
  • Lowest cost-per-new-customer advertising medium in the world
  • Most effective at advertising to YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER
  • The ability to prove ROI
  • Optimization to get new paying customers at the lowest possible cost

and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
the power of social media is incomprehensible.

Let us do a free assessment
of your advertising needs.
(Every business is different)

You can get new customers
using our specialised custom methods
at a
fraction of the cost you expect

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