Facebook Advertising in South Africa

Facebook Advertising in South Africa is the most effective method of advertising and it is surprisingly affordable. 

Running Facebook Ads for your business in South Africa can only mean profits -

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Facebook Advertising In South Africa

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising in South Africa & Why You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Now is the time to change your marketing and advertising efforts towards Facebook Advertising instead of using traditional advertising methods. There are so many benefits to using Facebook advertising that it is surprising that people are still using traditional methods of advertising that no longer works.

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If you are not quite sure yet, keep on reading to discover all the benefits that Facebook Advertising will have, for your business.

Facebook Advertising In South Africa

Your customers spend a lot of their time on Facebook

80% of internet users use Facebook everyday and more than 17 million people are on Facebook every day in South Africa.

It doesn't matter who your customers are they are using Facebook and they are using it every single day,  therefore it is vitally important that you are where your customers can see you 

Facebook Advertising In South Africa

Facebook advertising in South Africa is the most effective form of advertising available

One of the biggest benefits of using Facebook advertising is that you can reach the exact people you are looking for and convert them into customers. 

There is no other platform or form of advertising that is more targeted than Facebook advertising.

You can find your potential customers based on their age where they live (right down to the nearest Street) what they like what they spend their money on and what they're interested in.

Facebook has on record more than 200 points on each person as far as their information goes - yes scary I know,  but this is a great benefit for your business considering you can choose who to advertise for and not waste advertising money on people that won't be interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook Advertising In South Africa

Facebook Advertising is the most budget friendly form of advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising where it is possible for you to reach 1000 potential clients for as little as R50. Spending huge amounts of money on newspaper ads, flyers or radio just doesn’t make sense when you can spend a little bit of money on Facebook and Reach far more people that will already be interested in your product or service.


Facebook is fast

Facebook Advertising In South Africa works fast

Because Facebook is live all your advertising efforts are immediate that means if you advertise today you can see results today. You can very quickly get people to your website or to your shop or at least make them aware of your product / service and give them a way to contact you.


Facebook Advertising is great for brand/ product/ service awareness

The more people know about your business and the more they feel they can trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you quicker. It is important to build your Brand and Facebook is fantastic at building your brand even if it's a small local brand with a small budget.

Facebook Website

Facebook Advertising In South Africa will send people to your website

Not only will Facebook advertising send a lot more people to your website but the people that land up on your website will already be interested in what you have to offer. Your ad on Facebook can ensure that the right people end up on your website. It is no good having thousands of people clicking on your website but they not really interested . It is way more beneficial to your business if the people that visit your website are already looking for what you have to offer. It is far more likely they will turn into customers. 

Facebook sales

Facebook Advertising massively increases leads and sales

It is basic mathematics. The more people see your product, the more people will be interested in your product, the more people will buy your product. This is an obvious boost to the bottom line of your business 


Facebook Advertising can be measured, tested and improved

By Simply adding small pieces of code to your website and looking at basic Analytics inside Facebook you will be able to measure your exact performance with your Facebook advertising strategies. This is very beneficial because you can instantly change anything about the strategy to get better results and you do not have to wait until next month as is the case with local advertising or traditional advertising to try and change something to get better results. With Facebook advertising you can measure and change at any time. 


Facebook Advertising In South Africa let’s you build trust

Facebook advertising allows you to talk to your potential customers. The Mere fact that they can ask you questions and you can answer them will build a great amount of trust that is more likely to convert them into buying customers. Just remember that no amount of Facebook advertising spend can make up for bad service. That is up to you. You have to make sure that you (and your staff) provide superb service to all your clients and build a good relationship with them. 

Offline Sales

Facebook Advertising In South Africa drives off-line sales

In South Africa offline sales are still the number one method of selling therefore it is important to let your customers go from your Facebook ad to your website / Facebook page where you build trust with them and ensure they visit you at your store. Once a customer is in the store it will be a lot easier to get them to purchase your product or service because they are already interested.


Facebook Advertising can regain lost website visitors

Have you ever noticed shortly after visiting a website when you go into Facebook you see an advertisement from that very same company. That is a method called remarketing. We use remarketing to re-engage with your potential clients. That means if potential customers visit your website, without buying or contacting you, we can put your business in front of them again. This method can regain a lot of lost sales if done correctly. 


Facebook Advertising gives you repeat business

Using Facebook advertising you can re-target customers who have already purchased from you. This way you can advertise directly to people who are the most likely to buy from you again. They already know your product or service and have a good amount of trust towards you.


Facebook Advertising creates engagement with your business

Facebook advertising builds engagement with your potential clients. Engagement is the likes comments and interactions on your advertisements and on your  Facebook page. Engagement is very important for a few reasons:

It tells Facebook that your advertisement is important and they then show it to more people;

It also helps to establish trust with your brand especially if you answer questions and give people the recommendations / advise that they ask for. Human beings need to feel a connection with other human beings and if your potential clients have that connection with you, they are much more likely to buy. 


Facebook Advertising In South Africa creates word-of-mouth referrals

Facebook is a very social platform which makes Facebook advertising also very social. People are very likely to share your advertisements with their friends which can make your advertisement go viral.

Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most effective and your business can capitalise on this by using Facebook advertising. 


Facebook Advertising can build your customer list

Having a customer list or email list is the most valuable asset any business can have. 

Having the ability to contact customers that already know and trust you and offering them a special is a fast way of getting them into the store and increasing revenue.

Facebook blocks

Facebook Advertising In South Africa can grow your Facebook business page

Because Facebook advertising creates a lot of Engagement on your  business page, more people will like and often visit your page again. This is especially helpful to create trust and to build a relationship with your clients. Again having a good relationship with your clients will only increase sales.


Facebook Advertising can increase the SEO rankings of your website

Having a lot of activity on your social media create social signals which in return tells search engines that your content is relevant and important. This can dramatically increase the ranking of your website on search engines. 


Facebook Advertising Is awesome for launches

Facebook advertising is the best platform to release a new product or service, because it can quickly create a lot of awareness around your new product or service. You can also use Facebook advertising to test the viability of a new product or service and see how the market reacts to it. 


Your competition is using Facebook Advertising In South Africa

Most of your competitors are already using Facebook advertising so by not using Facebook advertising you actually helping them out by getting more engagement on their posts and their advertisements with your customers. If your business is not active online nowadays it won't be around for much longer. If your customers are already spending a lot of their time on social media you need to make sure that you are there for them to see.


Facebook Advertising levels the playing field

The days of large corporations squashing small business with their big marketing budgets are long gone because of Facebook advertising.

If your advertisement is done right and optimised to the max you can easily outperform any large corporation or any competitor with any budget.


Mobile is the way to go with Facebook advertising in South Africa

More than 70% of all internet users are using the internet on their mobile phones.  more than 80% of Facebook users access Facebook from their mobile phones. Facebook advertising is absolutely mobile responsive and you can target your potential clients on the device that they use the most everyday.

Facebook Advertising is more effective than organic traffic

Organic traffic marketing is a thing of the past. Yes, you need Engagement and yes you will get organic traffic but unfortunately the growth of organic traffic nowadays is not enough to make any significant difference to a business.

To get real results you do need to do Facebook paid advertising. 


Facebook Advertising is tailored to your budget

You are in total control of how much money you spend on your advertising every month and even every day. This can be a benefit or disadvantage. If you spend too little you might not get the results that you expected but if you're spending too much on an ad that is not done right you can easily lose a lot of money real fast. That's why it's vitally important to have your Facebook advertising managed by specialists like us. 


Facebook Advertising In South Africa is the most cost-effective, accurate advertising method available today

- why use anything else...

The possibilities with Facebook advertising are endless. You can literally grow your business as big as you want using only Facebook advertising. It is cheaper than any other method of advertising that works. The targeting possibilities can not be beat. You can target previous customers, existing customers, potential customers, website visitors, and any demographics of your choosing. You can create awareness and build relationships. You can communicate with your customers - one by one or all at the same time. The possibilities are endless...

Now that you have seen the benefits to your business using Facebook advertising,

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